State of the Individual – Returning to Work is a Misnomer

Apr 21, 2021 | All News & Events

The pandemic has created a new environment and new realities for everyone. Self-isolation, financial, health, and social justice issues have created a new perspective on stress and a taken a toll on our collective mental health.
This webinar explores:
1- Where are we? A discussion of our collective experience of the last year.
2- Where are we going? The editing process towards our new, uncertain future.
3-How do we get there? Navigating the process of re-entry to a post-pandemic future.
The panel discusses three pillars of wellbeing and tools you can use to optimize your mental health and wellbeing.
Local professionals, Brad Baldwin, President of Medirevv, Betsy Rippentrop, Licensed Psychologist and Owner of Heartland Yoga, and Kate Moreland, President of ICAD, share and discuss aspects to worker wellness and mental health.
The recording may be viewed on YouTube.

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