80% Adult Vaccination Rate Goal Set for Johnson County

Mar 29, 2021 | All News & Events

(Iowa City, IA) – March 26, 2021 – As part of the effort to recover from the COVID 19 pandemic and have Johnson County recognized as a leader across the country to be the model for safety, keeping businesses and schools open and getting back to doing the things Iowans all love to do together like watch a concert or a ball game. The organizations of Project Better Together are working to amplify public health messaging and declaring a goal that 80% of eligible adults over the age of 16 by July 4th receive their COVID vaccinations as they become available to all after April 5th.

“Johnson County Public Health, our hospitals and pharmacies are doing tremendous work to communicate, inform and bring these vaccines to us. As the business community, it is our responsibility to help them reach every person in every community in this county.” Mark Nolte, Project Director.

Project Better Together will be sharing videos and resources with the public via various communications channels and through employers and businesses throughout Johnson County.

“We need to approach this like a political campaign, with volunteers knocking on every door to make sure people know that these vaccines are safe and effective and our best tool for a strong community,” said Dr. Rick Dobyns, UIHC family medicine and member of the Project Better Steering Committee.

“Having the business community’s support to amplify our messaging and helping people get signed up will be critical to our collective success as a county to be the model for safety and health in our state,” added Sam Jarvis, Johnson County Public Health

The public can track the progress at www.icareatogether.com over the coming months

For more information please contact Mark Nolte at [email protected] or 319-321-1546

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